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    BRIT - Care, Dry Senior weight control - 400g

    Manufacturer: BRIT
    SKU: PW013280
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    A hypoallergenic grain-free formula containing protein from high-quality meat that provides essential vitamins and minerals as well as the energy required for an active lifestyle. In combination with taurine, it supports good vision and heart health. An optimal balance of vitamins and organic trace elements ensure everyday vitality.

    • LOW IN FAT, HIGH IN FIBRE to promote healthy digestion and prevent weight gain.
    • PROBIOTICS and PREBIOTICS help maintain gastrointestinal tract and immune system health.
    • SEA BUCKTHORN AND NASTURTIUM promote kidney and urinary tract health. The low content of magnesium and L-methionine helps maintain an optimal urine pH of 6.0–6.5.
    • NASTURTIUM is a natural antibiotic. It helps prevent the formation of kidney stones in sterilized and older cats and has powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties.
    • Grain free – NO colorants – NO preservatives – NO GMO – NO soy.