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    BRIT - Fresh, Beef Pumpkin Puppy Large 2.5Kg

    Manufacturer: BRIT
    SKU: 8595602530762
    GTIN: 8595602530762
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    “Using fresh meat in the preparation of Brit Fresh granules allows us to eliminate one of the processing steps and preserve the nutrients in the meat together with its natural flavour and aroma. We’ve combined ancient grains like buckwheat, millet, and oats with traditional herbs, pumpkin, zucchini, and fruit to create a healthy menu that’s sure to please all canine lovers of delicious high-quality nutrition.”



    • Puppy large bones & joints
    • Improved flavour and fresh aroma, higher long-term palatability
    • Contains ancient grains and other natural ingredients – pumpkin, oats, buckwheat, linseed, chard
    • Traditional herbs – thyme, rosemary, marigold, dandelion, parsley
    • No gluten – no soy – no corn – no colourants or chemical flavourings