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    KURGO Loft Hammock Blue/Charcoal

    Manufacturer: Kurgo
    SKU: 813146014011
    GTIN: 813146014011
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    Product Description * The Loft Hammock is fully reversible, with two colors to match any (either) mood, and it’s built from durable, water resistant Microtomic ripstop fabric, with plush poly fill. * The Loft attaches securely at six points for a safe, secure fit, protects your car’s seats, and blocks your dog from jumping into your lap. * Openings make it compatible with existing seatbelt systems, as well as carseats. * Reversible * Water and stain resistant * Zippered openings to access seatbelts and latch systems * Under seat paracord to further secure * Remove front headrest straps to use as a simple seat cover * Five attachment points keep the hammock in place Product Information: * Machine washable on gentle or hand wash. Air dry * Designed to be used in vehicles with bench seats under the dog hammock. Do not use with bucket seats or over an open space without a bench seat. * 55” wide x 56″ long; may not fit large trucks or SUVs * Please measure the width of the seating area of your bench seat (from left to right) to know whether the cover might fit.