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    NESTOR Multi-taste Premium sticks XXL for big parrots - 2 pcs.

    Manufacturer: NESTOR
    SKU: 5901636001780
    GTIN: 5901636001780
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    An absolute novelty in the market of premium sticks !!! Stick and functional food!!!

    Free of any artificial additives, fully natural sticks have been supplemented with an ingredient that has recognized health benefits to one or more functions of the body, beyond the nutritional ones.

    Milk thistle contains active silymarin, an effective antidote against toxins causing liver damage. Not only does it protect the liver against toxins, but also supports its regeneration. Milk thistle is a source of beneficial fatty acids, vitamins E, C and K, copper, zinc, selenium, phytosterols and tannins. It shows anti-inflammatory and cholagogic effects, regulates cholesterol levels, improves concentration and memory, and has stronger antioxidant properties than vitamin E. It is essential for home-bred animals that have a tendency to intestinal catarrh and enlarged liver.

    husk-free oat 
    milk thistle4%
    mungo beans  
    dried carrots 
    oats flakes 
    dried carob beans2,5%
    prepared rice  
    kardi seeds 
    striped sunflower seeds                   
    dried orange peel1,5%
    pumpkin seeds 
    dried currants1%
    dried bananas1%
    dried rowan1%
    dried dog rose1%

    vit. B1 0,8 mg/kg
    vit. B2 3,0 mg/kg
    vit. B6 1,5 mg/kg
    vit. K3 1,5 mg/kg
    vit. C    20,0 mg/kg