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    VAN CAT - Grey 10L

    Manufacturer: VAN CAT
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    SKU: VCC10
    GTIN: 8699245856279
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    The G180 has the highest odour retention and liquid absorption of all our litters, due to the Active Carbon ingredient. This litter has finer granule sizes, paired with the strong odour retention, this litter is ideal for older cats who leave the tray quite smelly. As with all VanCat litters, simply fill the tray to 7cm in depth, then scoop out the clumps as needed. Providing you top the litter back up, you will never need to empty the entire tray.

    For the best results

    • Fill the litter box with 7cm of cat litter.
    • Remove the clumps and solid waste daily as necessary.
    • Always refill to 7cm.