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    KURGO Wander Hammock Hampton Sand

    Manufacturer: Kurgo
    SKU: 896622000319
    GTIN: 896622000319
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    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION * Suspended securely between the front and back seats, the Wander Hammock is a durable, waterproof barrier between your dog and any hope of automotive resale value. * There are eight attachment points, for a secure fit, and a center zipper allows you to fold down half, for those times you have a human passenger back there. * Openings allow for both seat belts and carseats. Meanwhile, it blocks your dog’s access to the front seat, keeping everyone safer. * Waterproof and stain resistant * Center zipper to accommodate a human passenger * Hook and loop openings to access seatbelts and latch system * Kurgo Bench Beans™ anchor cover in place * Under seat paracord to further secure * Remove front headrest straps to use as a simple seat cover * Spot clean or hand wash. Air dry PRODUCT NOTES * Designed to be used in vehicles with bench seats under the dog hammock. Do not use with bucket seats or over an open space without a bench seat * This hammock is 55” W X 56″ L and fits most vehicles. For full size trucks and large SUVs, you may consider the Extended Width Dog Hammock (63″ W x 56″ L) * Please measure the width of the seating area of your bench seat (from left to right) to know whether the cover will fit